Four Seasons is offering the most expensive holiday in the world and it costs $270k per person

Wouldn’t it be great to visit a bunch of countries with all the luxury at your feet? Well, giving you quite the opportunity to do so is Four Seasons with the mega-exclusive Remote Wonders tour. The travel rendezvous promises to take guests around 7 countries over a span of three weeks, as part of a sensation 20-day ‘private jet experience’.

Touted as a ‘new enriching journey’, the luxurious trip begins on a bespoke A321neo jet which accommodates 48 Italian leather “custom handcrafted seats” with 200cm of “personal space”. The journey starts in Dubai and covers Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Seychelles, Tanzania’s Serengeti, Rwanda or a total of 19,000 kilometers. As part of the experience, guests are presented with the opportunity to explore the ancient cities of Hoi An, Angkor Wat and Chiang Mai or Chaing Rai, visit Rwanda’s bamboo forests and finally hit the stunning beaches at Seychelles.

The baller of a trip also includes a 24/7 personal concierge, a dedicated travel planner, a luggage concierge, a doctor and an onboard executive chef for each of the guests. As per Four Season, the trip ensures “personalized adventures at every destination and an even more extraordinary experience in the sky”. The Remote Wonders tour costs a grand $270 per person and will take place from December 31, 2020–January 20, 2021. Fancy experiencing the best of travel luxury this new year?