Four Seasons NYC is home to one of the most expensive hotel suite in the world: Ty Warner Penthouse Suite

If you are looking for a luxury vacation, you need a good place to stay. If you like penthouses instead and are in NYC, it’s got to be the Four Seasons Hotel New York. The 4,300 square foot Ty Warner Penthouse suite penthouse houses nine rooms and gives you a stunning view of Manhattan. The room is paneled with wood and the lacquered walls come in mother of pearl. The linen includes hand crafted Venetian silk bedspread spots lines of 22 carat gold threads and is spread on a the canopy bed made of Thai silk. At a time, the penthouse can have only 10 guests and the suite costs $35,000 per night, second only to the $40,000 per night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

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