From Boston to Bangalore – All Ritz-Carlton properties to have electric vehicle charging stations

You may think luxury and sustainability are two concepts that don’t exactly walk hand in hand. Proving you wrong is London’s premium luxury hotel- The Ritz- Carlton. While you may expect only luxury vehicles and sports cars (read fuel guzzlers) queuing up at the entrance of a fine hotel, it’s no more surprising to spot a Tesla (or a similar variant) making its way up there. In an endeavor to cater to the budding clan of environmentally conscious guests while also boosting sustainable living, The Ritz- Carlton has set up electric car charging ports at properties across the globe.

Currently installed at a majority of its branches, the network makes long-distance travel convenient and easy from Washington, DC to San Francisco and Barcelona to Hong Kong with two charging stations affixed at each of the branches. These remarkable charging points are manufactured by Coulomb Technologies and commissioned by Thurso Power Systems, a Greenville, SC-based system integrator. While the 120-volt level I port typically charges a car from zero to full power in 10-12 hours, the 240-volt level II charger takes approximately six hours to go from empty to full charge.

The initiative is a well-thought extension of the hotel’s environmental program that currently boasts of an in-house water purification bottling system, complimentary bicycle use for guests, and natural and organic culinary and spa menus in addition to the new electric charging stations. Additionally, guests with electric or hybrid cars are also promised complimentary parking facilities at the hotel. With brands like Porsche and General Motors making a foray into the world of electric cars (soliciting a high demand for them in the future), this one is an impressively futuristic and sustainable move by the Ritz- Carlton!

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