From sunset views to underwater views, the world’s first undersea residence promises oceanside luxury like you’ve never seen

Looks like the luxury accommodation community has moved on from overwater villas to underwater residences. Preparations are already underway to create resort homes that are partially underwater in Dubai, but now the Maldives islands are getting in on the action with plans for the world’s first undersea residence. The project was announced by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island who have stated that the residence will be ready as early as the fourth quarter of 2018.

Named “The Muraka” or coral in Dhivehi, the local language of the Maldives, the home is a two-level structure comprised of an over sea “upper level” and an undersea suite. The latter features a king size bedroom, living area, bathroom and a spiral staircase that leads to the upper level living room.

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The upper level features a twin-size bedroom, bathroom, powder room, gym, butler’s quarters, private security quarters, integrated living room, kitchen, bar and dining, which features a deck that purposely faces the direction of the sunset for optimal viewing pleasure.

On the opposite side of the villa sits the relaxation deck that faces the direction of sunrise and is complete with an infinity swimming pool. The upper level also contains an additional king size bedroom and bathroom, which boasts a masterfully appointed ocean-facing bathtub, ideal for soaking in views of the endless horizon. In total, Muraka can accommodate up to nine guests.

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“We are excited to see The Muraka bring to life the contemporary design, leading innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that serve as the foundation for the Conrad brand, said Martin Rinck, Global Head, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands, Hilton. “With the development of the world’s first undersea residence, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the Maldives like never before.”


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