Galactic Suite will open for business in 2012

Our readers will recollect the countdown of the futuristic hotels that we did a while ago. In that list at the number three spot was the Galactic Suite. News has it that this wonderful space hotel will start operations in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes. The uber-rich will have to fork out $4 million for a three-day stay and the company has already identified 40,000 potential customers who can afford to stay in this lavish spaced-out suite! During the stay, guests will be able to experience 15 sunrises in a day. Velcro suits will have to be worn to allow the guests to crawl around their pod rooms a la Spiderman. And if you were wondering how to take a shower in space, the hotel will have a spa room in which bubbles of water will float around. The cost of the trip also includes eight weeks of intensive training at a James Bond-style space camp on a tropical island.

Galactic Suite’s Company director Xavier Claramunt, is a space enthusiast and even has an American company that dreams of colonizing Mars on board the project (apart from diverse investors), this is the first step in their endeavors.

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