German luxury hotel lets you switch off the Internet in your suite. Literally.

We are in the phase of a generation where a habit sticks like a stubborn leech. You keep trying to pull it out and it might not yield. So we are all a bit addicted to our phones and the World Wide Web and the constant urge, almost psychotic, to be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on holiday.

One luxury resort in Germany decided to help self-matron ourselves and provide a little discipline while on holiday. The Villa Stéphanie spa resort in Baden-Baden allows guests to switch off Wi-Fi in their room, as easily as turning off the light. They use a copper grid on the walls and a wall coating to achieve this. There are 12 rooms and three suites in the property which opened in January this year have access to this facility. If the idea is to be cut off from the internet, then turning off your phone or not using it should usually be good enough, or maybe charge a bomb for the net services. Adding a switch is like feeding pizza with a golden spoon. Not necessary, but what’s the harm.

[Via – Mashable]

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