Gold Nugget Las Vegas gets America’s second gold-dispensing machine

It’s time for the economic gloom to reverse its course as gold vending machines are here to promise a bling revolution. Within a month, US is boasting of its second Gold to Go, gold-dispensing machine. After the first one hit a mall in Las Vegas in December, the latest Gold ATM has been installed at the Gold Nugget Casino at Las Vegas. This casino also boasts of possessing the Hand of Faith, the world’s largest nugget of gold. Living it up to their name, the Golden Nugget joins a privileged group to offer the exceptional opportunity to purchase gold from a vending machine, especially in US. This bling machines are always online and update their prices every 10 minutes based on current gold spot prices. Along with gold bars of various weights ranging between one gram and one ounce, the vending machines can also sell traditional gold coins. Such yellow metal ATMs coming up across the globe offer convenience to private investors to buy real gold at fair real-time prices.

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Press release states that a computer inside the ATM collects real-time prices based on those listed at the online portal Also, every gold bar is made up of 24-karat gold and each item comes with a moneyback guarantee. Time to hit the Gold Nugget Casino, win a jackpot and immediately invest it in gold bars from this gold-vending machine!

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