Hotel Cafe Royal debuts London’s first aquatic healing retreat

Hotel Café Royal’s Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Center has always been a step ahead with its promise of complete rejuvenation in the heart of London. They recently launched the Watsu Retreat, making it London’s first aquatic healing retreat. If you’re a couple looking to connect with each other and embrace wellness for your body, mind, and soul, this retreat offers the ultimate in holistic therapy, indulgence and relaxation.

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The workshop led by Steve Karle, a pioneer in aquatic bodywork therapies takes place in the spa’s private Watsu pool. Karle will guide you through a dance-like journey which may include massages, stretching and elements of Craniosacral Therapy while you explore new and creative techniques of connecting with each other through the power of touch. The retreat emphasizes the importance of listening and communication in a relationship, leading to health, happiness and enlightenment.

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Akasha is an urban retreat in the heart of London which offers a holistic approach to wellbeing by marrying innovative Western practices with ancient Eastern traditions. The name Akasha reflects a core vision to harmoniously unite the four basic elements of nature – earth, water, fire and air. The combination enables a transformational and balancing experience where body, mind and soul are aligned.

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