Hotel adapts its room rates according to the Stock Market

Want to hear something crazy? Of course, you do! Well, The Colonnade Hotel in Boston is taking advantage of the current volatility of the stock market (tsk tsk) and has designed a package they like calling the “Bull and Bears” package. This package effectively gives guests discounts depending on the stock market trend of the day. Oh have some shame and read the rest of the article – I can already hear you scramble to your phone to call your stockbroker friend! Anyhow, the package is available from Sunday through Thursday and gives guests a 20 percent discount if the market goes down and a 10 percent discount if the market goes up.

The package is designed for the business traveler and includes a double occupancy room, in-room breakfast, high-speed Internet access, overnight shoeshine, and parking. Rates start around $300 and the hotel is one of the only hotels in the area with a rooftop pool – a great thing if you are going there during summer. Of course, I for one will not be going there before a Fed meeting and banks announce their results!