Hotel Arts Barcelona debuts Michelin-starred restaurant helicopter lunches

You might’ve eaten several times in the first class cabin of an aircraft, but did you ever enjoy a meal after a helicopter ride? Well, then the Hotel Arts Barcelona is the way to go as they have recently launched the first Michelin-starred restaurant helicopter lunches. VIP guests are led from their hotels to the Cathelicopters heliport for a lunch reservation and can return in the same mode of transport, giving them access to the “hottest tables” in the city.

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Guests can pick from restaurants such as El Celler Can Roca, Girona, Chef Joan Roca; Miramar, Llança, Chef Paco Pérez; and Les Cols, Olot, and Chef Fina Puigdeval, with prior reservations As for staying at the Arts Suite, you will need to fork out €7,000 ($16, 285) for a night. The Michelin-starred restaurant helicopter service for two to four people will cost at €4,000 ($9,300) per couple. It is advisable to make bookings a week in advance.
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