Houston building had the worlds most interesting and scary swimming pool

Just when you thought the real estate market has hit an all-time low with probably nothing new or lucrative on offer (since private pools, golf clubs and in-house gymnasiums are so passé), developers are back with a redemption strategy that is adventurous, tempting and pretty much nothing like you may have ever witnessed before. For all you adventure junkies out there, a development firm in Houston has recently built an apartment, that amongst other things, boasts of a sky pool perched above its 40 storied elevations!

If you happen to be an adrenaline lover looking for a new residence, the plush Market Square Tower in Houston will certainly not fail you! Out of all the luxurious amenities on offer, the one that grabs attention almost instantaneously is the sky pool (for obvious reasons), with its structure that is bound to thrill and threaten you all at once! The one-of-a-kind water pool extends 10 feet away from the building and is built using an 8-inch-thick plexi glass at the bottom, thus allowing you to float mid-air while catching breathtaking views of the Houston streets!

Amongst other amenities at the Market Square Tower, one can find a billiards room, a Poker suite and an ultra- grand ballroom. While owning a home inside this uber-luxe township may break your bank, it nonetheless deserves every penny that is demands for the deadly drama and adventure that it’s rocking sky pool awaits to offer!

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