Iglu-Dorf allows you to holiday like the Eskimos

Eskimos and their lifestyles always fascinated me. So when I heard that a Swiss hotel is actually offering customers a chance to experience an Igloo lifestyle, I knew I had to give this one a try. In the Swiss resort of Davos, customers can actually experience a luxurious night in the Igloo. Known as Iglu-Dorf, it is built out of packed snow, but the network of 15 igloos linked by tunnels looks more like a cross between Neolithic caves and an eco-housing complex perched in the Alps. The Igloo offers its customers exquisite pampering with luxuries such as a sauna and a whirlpool bath. Last year, 9,000 people spent a night in accommodation ranging from a more summary standard igloo to the “romantic-iglu plus” complete with candles, carved features, animal skins, a private whirlpool, and even the luxury of a toilet. Adrian Gunter, the inventor of the Iglu-Dorf concept, built his first igloo in 1996 at the resort of Scuol to get an early start on skiing the next day. Since then, the company has evolved into a small empire of igloo villages across the Swiss Alps.

A stay at the standard igloo will set you back by €119($155) on weekends while the “romantik-iglu plus” will set you back y a whopping €339($440). A great resort, this is probably the best way to experience the Eskimo lifestyle.