In a first Hilton enables room selection and customization via smartphone

Think virtual concierges, digital newsstand, iPad menu, in-room motion sensors to touch-screen walls, hotels are keeping up to date with changing technology to achieve strategic business objectives. Hilton Worldwide is one example how technology is revolutionizing the hotel experience right from checking in at the hotel via touchscreen to checking out without any formalities at the front desk as their bill will be automatically sent to their email address. The hospitality company has also announced that guests will be able to use their smartphone as their room key in majority of its 4,000 plus properties worldwide. Here are 3 ways Hilton is going high-tech:

3. Room selection: Once a room is booked, guests can sign into their account via their mobile device, tablet or computer to check-in and choose their preferred room through floor plan maps or lists populated from the hotel’s available inventory. Photos of rooms are also available to help with their selection. Hilton’s digital lobby function is updated in real-time, so guests no longer have to wait until they are physically in the hotel lobby to be assigned a room.

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2. Customization: Guests can further customize their stay at full-service hotels by purchasing upgrades and requesting specific amenities to be delivered to their room before arrival.

1. Future of room keys: Starting from 2016, guests will able to unlock door of their hotel room using their smartphones, enabling them to go straight to their rooms upon arrival.

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[Via – Hilton-Worldwide]