Indulge in the 24-carat gold facial at Four Seasons Hotel Florence

When you do plan a relaxing vacation in the lap of opulence, you need to get a bit of vanity on your list too. So if you’re headed towards the magical city of Florence, and are checking into the Four Seasons Hotel, make sure to ask about their latest 24-carat Gold Facial at their exclusive spa. The brainchild of the Japanese company UMO, the fully natural treatment takes its cues from Queen Cleopatra’s likes, who is said to sleep with a gold mask on every night.

Thanks to some “proprietary PGA/Nano mist technology” the two hour facial, priced at around $560, promises “firmer skin, reduction in wrinkles and a radiant glow”. A happy vacation that results in a glowing face will surely be worth your time. Click here for details.

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