Inside Paris’s plush and newly refurbished Hôtel de Crillon

For years now, head honchos in the hospitality sector have been waiting to hear on the status of Place de la Concorde’s landmark Hôtel de Crillon. Anticipated as grand, stunning and splendidly re-done into a new state, Paris’s wondrous Hotel has lived up to expectations and more with its fresh and luxuriously replenished avatar!

Post a long-drawn re-work of four years and a capital investment of over $200 million, the iconic hotel now exists in its grand re-furbished state, thanks to Rosewood Hotels and resorts. As part of its makeover, the property will feature a mix of bespoke pieces, antiques, and objets d’art.

This will also include the revered Baccarat crystal elephant sculpture created for the 1878 Paris World’s Fair. The hotel will further house two new basement levels beneath King Louis XV’s 1978 residence (as it then existed as part of the property), a swimming pool as well as a spa and salon for both sexes.

A whopping $1.8 million alone has been spent on re-doing the 124 rooms (priced at a total of $1,800 per night) of the hotel, that includes 9 reimagined signature suites and the super-luxe top-floor $28,000-per-night Leonard Bernstein suite.Guests will also get to sample Chef Christopher Hache best curated dishes at the hotel’s restaurant and bar. If you are in Paris currently, stopping by the Hôtel de Crillon should certainly be on your to-do list!


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