Inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s monsters you should book this terrifying hotel suite at your own peril

If you’re one of the few who enjoys getting spooked, enter this one-of-its-kind terrifying hotel suite that is located on the grounds of the Museo de las Artes in Guadalajara! Inspired by del Toro’s En Casa Con Mis Monstruos exhibit, the startling stay is unlike anything that you may have come across before. Dark and delusive, the accommodation is clearly not for the faint-hearted and includes a range of items and artifacts specifically chosen to scare the living hell out of you!

Christened as the ‘Monster Suite, the room includes design installations inspired by some of del Toro’s most memorable monsters from his imaginary worlds including a life-size aquatic beast, a nightmarish porcelain doll and hands clawing out from the wall. Those daring enough to live there will also be able to take a nocturnal tour of the exhibit, which features over 900 installations from the director’s films, comics, and personal collection.

However, the eerie Monster Suite will only be available for three nights from 3 October to 5 October 2019, in tandem with the upcoming Halloween season. Booking slots will be available on 18 September (to stay on 3 October), on 19 September (for 4 October) and on 20 September (for 5 October), meaning that those wanting to stay here will need to act fast. Don’t know about a good night’s sleep, but Museo de las Artes’ Monster’s suite will sure provide you all the spook that you need in life!


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