Jules Underwater Lodge comes right out of the Little Mermaid world

It was only when I went for an underwater jaunt at the Great Barrier Reef that I realized that a whole new world out of this world exists just below that water surface. And if given a choice I’d love to spend a night amongst the mystical environs of marine life. If you are in Florida and feel the same as me then you are lucky as Jules Underwater Lodge is the place to be. Located in Key Largo, Florida, to get to this location, you need to scuba dive “21 feet beneath the surface of the sea! Isn’t that the most exceptional approach? Entering through an opening in the bottom of the habitat, the feeling is much like discovering a secret underwater clubhouse. The cottage sized building isn’t short on creature comforts as it packs hot showers, a well-stocked kitchen that is complete with a refrigerator and microwave, books, music, and video movies. And of course, the cozy beds, where you can snuggle up and watch the fishes drop by your windows to say Hi! It is believed that the aquatic life in the lagoon is always changing. Nurse Sharks, Goliath Groupers, lobsters, and Parrot Fish are always in the area. During the winter month’s you may be lucky to see sea horses, Barracuda, Puffer Fish, and a possible Manatee.

So if you wanna sleep with the fishes or are looking for a unique vacation or honeymoon spot and you are a certified diver, then just jump in the water! And non-certified divers go through a three-hour class, to prepare for the dive. After which, they dive in the company of dive instructors. European style packages go for $375.00 per person per night or the Ultimate Romantic getaway package for $1,195 per night.