JW Marriott to unveil 10 new properties in 5 countries by 2010

JW Marriott, which is one of the top three luxury hotel brands in the world, is all set to reach the apex with its plans of opening in 10 properties in 5 countries by 2010. This will thrust the total global portfolio of the brand to 54 hotels and resorts and 24,000 rooms. The new properties will call for an investment of $2 billion by JW property owners and franchisees. The 10 JW Marriott hotels and resorts that are set to open in 2010 are situated in five countries- China-Hangzhou, Colombia-Bogota, India-Bengeluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, The United States-San Antonio, LA, Miami, Chicago.

An additional 20 JW Marriott hotels are already under construction in 13 countries, including The Maldives, Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, and Indianapolis. With more than 60 percent of JW Marriott hotels located outside the United States and a guest satisfaction rate of 85 percent or more, JW Marriott is a truly global and flourishing luxury hotel brand.

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