La Mamounia’s Ultimate Experience Package will set you back by a million Dirhams

La Mamounia Resort in Marrakech is offering a special royal treatment for guests who have a million dirhams ($122,629) to spend. The Ultimate Experience Package will treat the guest with all the specialties and luxuries to feel like a star. It begins with a private jet transport from any European city. After the 3-hr flight to Marrakech, guests will be shuttled to the resort in a Jaguar, taking them home to their exclusive Riad 3-bedroom villa. Features at the villa include a Moroccan salon, private terrace, ozone swimming pool, 24-hour butler service, private wine tasting with La Mamounia’s Chief Sommelier, and a rich gastronomic menu. A Champagne breakfast served ensuite or on the Riad’s private terrace will be held on day two, after which will be a helicopter tour of the Moroccan landscape and Atlas mountains.

Guests can also enjoy special spa treatments including massage and Hammam. Then La Mamounia’s Chief Mixologist will take guests on a tour serving champagne with edelweiss cocktails, saffron-infused vodka, as well as creating personalized cocktails. This will wind up with an a la carte dinner at L’Italien or Le Marocain at La Mamounia and a private Jazz recital in your Riad. Third day will feature a cultural treat for guests where they will be driven to a unique location in the city where well known local artists will provide a private presentation of their latest collections.
The package is available until May 31 and from September 15 to December 22.

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