Laucala Island, Fiji offers optimum privacy for $26,000 per night

Private islands are opulent relaxation in the heart of tranquility and luxury. And if you don’t own one already, you can always visit some by large hearted rich people who have converted their properties into elegant getaways. One such island is the Laucala Island, a seven star haven, formerly owned by publishing magnate Malcolm Forbes. Placed in the top hundred of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in the world by Hideaway Hotels, this tranquil place is one of the northeastern-most islands in Fiji. Redeveloped by its new owner Dietrich “Red Bull” Mateschitz at a staggering $30,000,000, the island boasts of outstanding service, delicious cuisine, a exquisite wine cellar, and a stunning atmosphere.

You can take a Beechcraft King Air B200 or your chartered flight or personal yacht. Once there, you can roam around in the electric club car parked in a cute thatched roof garage that will take you all around the Hugh coconut plantation and tropical vegetation. Since the island is equipped for 25 residences for as many as 80 guests, privacy is guaranteed. The island also provides a destination dining option where a staff of six trained professionals serves you with a gourmet meal.
But if you need the highest privacy on offer, opt for the Hilltop Residence located 360 feet above sea level. It features three interlinked villas, two swimming pools, a kitchen, library, premium fittings and amenities, iPod docks and Bose entertainment systems, stocked In-room fridges, and bars. But privacy comes at a cost here. The price tag is $26,000 per night.
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