Living in a bubble gets a whole new meaning with this Australian camping experience

Here at LL, we’re no strangers to glamping. From suspended tents to rooftop Airstreams, we’ve seen it all. Or at least we thought we had until someone introduced us to the Bubble Tent.

As the name suggests, this new kind of tent looks unlike any camping accommodation you’ve seen before. But these aren’t available for purchase, if you want to try “living in a bubble” you need to head down under.

The Bubble Tent is located in New South Wales; roughly halfway between Mudgee and Lithgow, around 200 kilometres north-west of Sydney. It overlooks Capertee Valley, the second largest canyon in the world and a birdwatcher’s paradise. The region is home to 242 species including endangered birds.

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Living in the Bubble tent is about disconnecting from the world, but unlike real camping, you don’t have to suffer in a sleeping bag. The bubble tent includes amenities of a hotel such as a bed, an eco-friendly bathroom with a compost toilet, running water, a shower and toiletries.

Upon arrival, guests are provided with a telescope for stargazing and an iPad loaded with playlists and bird-watching apps. There are also hammocks dotted around the property where guests can have fun trying to find their perfect one, whether it be in the shade or farther up on the hill with the spectacular views.

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The bubble tent is conveniently close to national parks, eco and heritage tours and there’s no shortage of interesting activities. Try everything from helicopter flights and hiking, to abseiling, canoeing and fishing.

You can book the Bubble tent for a stay at a price of A$250 to A$310 per night.

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