This luxurious lodge in the Amazon lets you swim with pink dolphins

The Brazilian Amazon is the one place that allows you to soak in nature’s wonders like no other. From unique flora, fauna and more, the green zone’s beauty is something worth experiencing in a lifetime. And if money is no issue, you can make the deal sweeter by staying at a luxurious and eco-friendly lodge like the Juma Amazon that allows you to enjoy the jungle’s astounding exquisiteness to the fullest.

Located in a preserved space, around 62 miles away from Manaus, the Juma Amazon Lodge is a perfect ode to sustainable luxury. The environment friendly hotel can best be visited between April to June, when the forest experiences floods, thus making its hidden areas easily accessible through boats. A tour in eclectic wooden canoes during this time provides mesmerizing views of the waters and the surrounding greens that are a forest staple. The star of your Amazon stay however, would be a solicited swim-time with pink dolphins who gallop around the Amazon during this season!

The sustainable Juma Lodge accommodates 21 bungalows, each carefully perched in intimate locations of the forest. In addition to the standard amenities, the lodge also provides a 8 x 5 meters wide pool with sun loungers, sun umbrelones and a bar! Needless to say, the entire property is built with the use of locally sourced material that cause minimum harm to nature. You’ve got to have this one on your 2018 travel-list!

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