Luxury vending machine sells anything from a toothbrush to a $150,000 Bentley convertible

What would make one luxury hotel better than the other? A luxury vending machine, Duh! At least that is what Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami would like to think so. This luxurious hotel owned by Morgans Hotel Group has actually set up a luxurious vending machine that offers everything from a Bentley convertible to a Jean Paul Gaultier dress or a set of 24 carat gold handcuffs, in their lobby. This unique machine is a 21st century makeover of an Automat and offers visitors and workers anything from luxurious goods to more prosaic ones like tooth brushes and coffee. The item list boasts of 60 varied products with price ranging from $10 and $1.2 million. The sleek display reveals a row upon row of white, high-gloss boxes, with descriptions: ‘Sunset Dinner Yacht Cruise for 2’, ‘Sony PSP-2000, Black,’ ‘2000 Bentley Azure Convertible,’ and ‘Gunpowder Tea Candle.’

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To make a purchase, customer’s simply swipe a credit card, tap on the product and watch as a motorized arm scoots behind and retrieves it while large products are assigned cards that can be exchanged at the front desk for the purchase. According to the Hotel’s management, the vending machine has gone down really well with the guests.
An amazing concept, I would love to see the expression on people’s face when you tell them you purchased your 2003 Bentley Arnage convertible from a vending machine!

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