Maldives’ gets the world’s first solar-powered luxury guest resort

The Finolhu Villas by Club Med in Maldives is the hottest new holiday destination. Run completely on solar power, the stunning new guest resort has been designed by New York-based architects Yuji Yamazaki Architecture.

The first of its kind around the world, the five-star property sits on a 13-acre island on the Kaafu Atoll and can accommodate 100 guests year round. One look at the property and you won’t miss its aesthetically-designed solar panels throughout the island. The resort features 52 villas that appear to branch off towards the water in a row and can be accessed by a walkway, covered in solar panels. The villas feature 12-feet ceiling that curve up like cresting waves, and shingles cover the entire roof. The three-room villas also feature a pool and private beach and offers unobstructed view of sunrise and sunset. There is also a central restaurant, a bar and pool area, and an on-site spa and gym.
On a clear, sunny day, the resort can generate about one megawatt of energy. While the rooms are designed to minimize energy consumption despite generating a surplus with the additional energy stored for rainy or cloudy days. The resort also boasts of a waste management system and desalination tank for self-sufficient water supply, making it completely energy independent in its natural, picturesque surroundings.

[ Via : Contemporist ]

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