Will Marriott Hotels be able to make wireless charging mainstream?

It has happened to everyone. Most people wait until the last minute to pack their cell phone charger, which is why it is the most forgotten item on vacation. More so, the battery life is so laughably short that you can’t just leave the house without toting an armful of cables and chargers just-in-case the battery reaches its last leg. Marriott Hotels, the flagship brand of Marriott International, Inc., understands the looming battery anxiety and has introduced Kube Systems’ portable charging stations using Qi technology – the global standard in wireless charging. By the end of this month, guests at 29 of the Marriott hotels will be able to wirelessly charge their power hungry devices, such as iPhones, Android devices and iPads in the Greatroom lobbies.

Featuring a sleek, contemporary design, the portable chargers’ built-in connecters can simultaneously power up to six devices, removing the need for cables and cutting the final cord that tethers devices – the power cord.

The concept of wireless power is not new. However, up until now the three-way battle of different charging consortiums adversely impacted adoption of the wireless technology. This is why, when Starbucks installed wireless charging stations at its coffee stores across the U.S., the Powermat wireless chargers that they chose to use didn’t support an overwhelming number of mobile devices.

Though the number of consumer devices built with longer established Qi specification still remains minimal, Marriott’s decision to cut the cord could go a long way to provide an industry-leading solution and differentiate itself with innovative technology. If wireless power is made available to masses like wi-fi, it is likely to establish interoperability standards for wireless power and the dead phone battery will soon become history.


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