Marriott treats guests to Samsung’s world of virtual reality, but conditions apply

There is a paradox here. You go on holiday to relax and reconnect with yourself. That is what a leisure holiday break means, isn’t it? So all you would want to think about is pamper yourself silly, lie down at the pool deck and stare into oblivion or take a snooze while your iPhone gets charged. And take long strolls on pristine beaches, or get a super relaxing spa treatment or revel on some great culinary treats. But when you are sitting in a plush hotel suite in New York, would you really want to be in Disney Land staring at Shrek scare the kids? I don’t get it. Samsung and Marriott have teamed up to offer guests a virtual reality experience. The Vroom service will let you order a Samsung Gear VR headset up to room for 24 hours. It is preloaded with three videos, or experiences which Samsung’s calls VR Postcards. There is a woman in Chile overlooking the Andes Mountains, a woman in Rwanda at an ice cream shop and a man in Beijing on its bustling streets. You get to experience a 360 degree view which they claim to be ‘holistic and experiential’.

This service is only available in two Marriot hotels – New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square and the London Marriott Park Lane. Two prime properties. This new service almost reads like – ‘Please come and stay with us! We are dead boring; but we offer you a 3D experience of the developing BRIC nations in the comfort of our rooms!’ Don’t get me wrong. The technology is brilliant and something I would save for a rainy day at home, or a relaxed day at work or if I was snowed in at home or work, but on a holiday? In a star hotel? Why?

[Via – Fortune]

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