Meridian Audio’s G95 DVD Surround Receiver

They have been in the business for the last thirty years, and even today Meridian Audio remains the acknowledged leader in digital audio. The G95 is the zenith of over two decades of reference-quality digital design. The G95 DVD Surround Receiver is the latest to the collection that plays CD, DVD, and AM/FM radio. It produces a 5.1-channel surround sound using Meridian’s latest digital amplifier technology. The hand-built unit processes video images using both Meridian and Faroudja technology and outputs them via HDMI. It produces 1080p images as well as the full range of video resolutions, including 1080i, 720p, and 480p. The 5.1-channel surround system outputs five channels of crisp sound via the 100 watts delivered to all channels.

The Meridian G95 DVD Surround Receiver bears the stamp of Meridian cofounder Bob Stuart both inside and out. It comes with Meridian’s proprietary MSR+ tabletop system remote controller. Housed in an all-metal chassis, the black and silver finishing adds to the elegant looks. The system is currently available for $8,495.

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