Moscow’s Hotel Metropol sells for $275 million

Moscow, the world’s billionaire capital, has recently dealt in a piece of history that has witnessed Russia’s turbulent 20th century and entertained a guest list ranging from revolutionaries to foreign presidents. The five-story Art Nouveau jewel, Hotel Metropol, was recently sold at an auction organized by the Moscow city government as part of the national privatization program. According to rumors, the Hotel Metropol, which was built in 1899-1907 in the Art Nouveau style, hosted the Soviet Union’s first Constitution, and the words of its national anthem were written in the building.

Hotel Metropol was sold to the Azimut Hotels for 8.9 billion roubles ($275 million). The new owner will be responsible for maintaining its historical heritage, wherein Azimut will receive the building and interiors, while all the antique furniture and pictures will remain state property.
[Rian and Reuters]

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