New Ritz Carlton Mobile App brings the luxury hotel to your fingertips

Ritz Carlton oozes luxury just by its name. And if you live your life through your smartphone, then add the opulent hotel chain to your watch list as well. The brand has launched the Ritz-Carlton Mobile App that apparently goes “beyond basic hotel search and reservation functionality”. The Ritz hotels will features special QR code (starting with 20 for now) to provide guests with “VIP information”. A few of these include one at Kapalua, where guests can participate in a Cultural Art tour; at Hong Kong, where more about wine pairings at the world’s highest hotel will be on offer; at Berlin, where young guests will be able to enjoy a digital scavenger hunt and at New York, Battery Park, where the hotel’s signature 10-year anniversary cocktail will be served on a napkin with a special QR codewith the recipe to take home.

Available for the Android and iOS platforms, the app also offers something called Presidential Tips, as offered by the hotel’s president Herve Humler. He adds, “In my role, I am fortunate to be able to visit all of our stunning locations around the world. I want to enrich the Ritz-Carlton experience for our guests further with details about the things I have found to be quite unique and memorable in my travels. With The Ritz-Carlton App, I can now do that very easily and in real-time.” The app also provides GPS technology that provides location-specific advice, exclusive offers, local area culture and customs, concierge tips, and even the hotel’s art collection as the guest’s check-in. To download the app visit

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