Novotel and Microsoft opened the doors of a tech-packed room of the future

Planning to spend a geeky holiday in France? Well, we’ve just stumbled across the perfect suite for you. Nestled in the Novotel Vaugirard-Montparnasse hotel, the room was sculpted into being with help from Microsoft and includes a bunch of electronic gizmos good enough to make you imagine yourself to be vacationing with the Jetsons. The room includes a SENSORIT digital mirror that displays news while you floss your teeth. Also, this suite packs an Xbox Kinect and the Nokia Lumia. However, the room will stay in place till the upcoming Valentine’s Day after which it’ll be dismantled and resume its former self of a conformist luxury hotel room.

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Until then, for 199 Euros (about $270), you can enjoy a splendid vacation in Paris amongst all this gadgetry to keep you grinning.
[Hotelchatter] And [Novotel]