OPUS Vancouver is the world’s first hotel to offer iPhones in all rooms

OPUS Vancouver has become the first hotel of its kind to put an iPhone in every room to make their property more desirable to those who love to stay connected. General Manager Nicholas Gandossi says, “Technology is a way of life today, not just a perk, and that holds even while traveling. For the first time, guests can take their hotel phone off property, stay connected to the Internet, and receive and make phone calls.” A combined effort with hospitality travel company Travel Vu, these iPhones provide “one-touch contact to all hotel departments, while fully functioning as a personal mobile phone with Internet capabilities.” Patrons can enjoy incoming and local calls on the house, even international roaming fees for US and international travelers.

Also, since the device’s data is “wiped clean” on check out, the guests are assured of privacy and security, plus no one can walk out with the device with them either.
[Vancouver-Opushotel and 4hoteliers]

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