Pics – Luxury and green – Take a look inside this extraordinary treehouse in the UK

UK’s Devon town is definitely on our bucket list this summer. Only recently, we blogged about the Harry Potter styled double decker bus holiday home, and now the countryside is once again garnering attention for its treehouse styled accommodation. Devon’s Ravendere Retreats is nestled within a canopy of 4 mature beech trees and promises avid travelers like you and me an experience of a lifetime.

Although the treehouses are perched well within natural surroundings, the ambience is nothing short of pure luxury.

Handcrafted and tailored to suit a modern travelers’ needs, the overall theme is rustic décor meets contemporary luxury.

I personally feel the interiors of the treehouse are similar to the concept of Goldilock’s cottage – very homely and self-sufficient.

Supplied by Wayfair, the interiors of the cottage are aesthetically beautiful yet in complete sync with the natural surroundings. Each element has been carefully conceptualized and placed.

Spend evenings cooking your own barbeque or baking a pizza in your private wood fired pizza oven.

Or, reading an old favorite on your private terrace.

The luxurious king sized bed with premium Egyptian cotton bed linen is ideal to distress.

A walk-in waterfall shower and fancy Egyptian bathrobes grace the spacious bathroom.

The dining area is my personal favourite with a television/DVD selection, a Nespresso coffee machine and a wood burning stove!


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