Post-pandemic holidays anyone? Banyan Tree Hotels is offering staggering discounts upto 78% on their luxury properties across Asia

It may seem like a distant dream, but you will end up on a hammock, sip on pinacolada, laze in a pool, and tan on a pristine beach. Whoever said this too shall pass knew what he was saying. The sun will shine brighter and days will be free of masks, sanitizers, and lockdowns. And when that happens the world will- vacation! So why waste this time in futile dreaming? Singapore-based hospitality group Banyan Tree Hotels is offering a “once-in-a-lifetime” promotion, with savings of up to 78 percent on hotel bookings for its properties in Southeast Asia and the Maldives. Called ‘Ultimate Getaways’ offer it is going to be exactly that- three fun-filled days and two relaxing nights of fun after a rather horrendous time thanks to coronavirus and its many hurdles. The gift certificate brings a lot on your tropical plate in addition to fabulous savings. Depending on the hotel of your choice, you and your partner can enjoy comfortable afternoon teas and therapeutic couple spa treatments. In addition to the above mentioned benefits are return speedboat transfers (for resorts in the Maldives) and night fishing. Other special benefits include discounts on food and beverages and the usage of hotel facilities. Each gift certificate constitutes accommodation for a three-day, two-night stay inclusive of daily breakfast for two adults, and is valid for purchase from now to 6 May 2020.

You can also gift this to a loved one who will be forever grateful for the vacation of a lifetime. Who is ready to rejuvenate in beautiful Asian locales with this gift certificate that can be used for stays across 12 Banyan Tree hotels and also enjoy full flexibility of stay dates from now till 20 December 2021?

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