Rilakkuma themed room entices customers to the Royal Park hotel.

The swank Royal Park Hotel chain is offering an unusual summer campaign: a Rilakkuma themed room, complete with exclusive souvenirs, in honor of the character’s 5th anniversary. For those who are unaware of Rilakkuma, it is a Japanese character produced by the San-X company. True to his name, Rilakkuma greatly enjoys relaxing. For his fifth anniversary, Rilakkuma and his friends are dressed in Royal-style clothes. Related items include pastry marketed under the Rilakkuma Cafe brand. So the Royal Park Hotel is leaving no stone unturned to entice customers and have their dose of relaxation. The plan, termed “Luxury-style relaxation rest plan,” is designed to make visitors feel like royalty, a theme that is reflected in the crown and scepter sported by the Royal Park exclusive Rilakkuma goods adorning the room.

You can enjoy yourself to the T with Rilakkuma at any of the six hotels, with each bringing its own special touch the bear-themed breakfast. Be careful about the hotel you choose as prices vary from $275 a night in Nagoya to $386 a night in Tokyo Shiodome. This is what we call ‘Royal Relaxation’!