Ritz Carlton, Beijing ensures pure air for guests

It has become essential for travelers heading to China to check about the air quality of their destination as air pollution is a significant problem in many cities and regions in China. However, those who have booked up at Ritz-Carlton, Beijing can be at ease about breathing pure air. The hotel has announced that they have taken special measures to purify the air indoors by installing an air purification system that filters out dust in three high-tech methods. This will at least ensure that the guests inhale clean, dust-free air when inside the property. Wonder how the guests will tackle the highly polluted air once they step out for a breather!

Rollover to understand the working of the air purification system Ritz-Carlton, Beijing.

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Business Traveller reports, “The outdoor air first goes through a filtration device before entering the hotel; remaining dust is then further reduced using the electrostatic adsorption principle. Finally, an air processor in the system adjusts the humidity so that the air is less dry – a problem in Beijing as dryness prompts more dust to become airborne.”

[Ritz-Carlton Via Businesstraveller]

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