Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo offers Dream Weddings and Diamond Laced Cocktails

The exclusive Ritz-Carlton is the fifth five-star international hotel chain to set up in Tokyo in the past five years. A lobby and lounge area of the new Ritz-Carlton, is lined with works of art from American Sam Francis, is on the 45th floor of the tallest skyscraper in Tokyo. Traditional European inspiration with contemporary themes seems to be the base idea of the hotel’s luxurious interiors. Home to the most expensive Presidential Suite in Japan (at $20,000 per night), and a 200-year-old Japanese teahouse; it offers a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji in the distance. The Ritz-Carlton Club is accessible only by an elevator key that offers multi-lingual concierge service and twenty-four hours of food and beverage service. The hotel accommodates many restaurants that feature sushi, tempura, and Teppanyaki as well as a restaurant that serves Asian and French-inspired cuisine. The hotel also offered a special drink called The Diamonds-Are-Forever Martini is a $16,000 cocktail with a one-carat Bulgari diamond at the bottom that you can take to any Bulgari store in Tokyo and have a ring fitted to the stone for free.

The Ritz-Carlton will host at east 205 weddings in 2007. This start at the equivalent of about $24,000 and then sky is the limit. For $1 million the hotel provides the wedding dress, jewelry and a private jet to fly the newlyweds off to a honeymoon in Bali and Milan.

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