Russian billionaire puts five-star Sungate Port Royal hotel in Turkey for sale

Another billionaire to be affected by the recession is Russia’s Sergei Polonsky (ranked no 962 on Forbes list), trying to save his construction company by selling his luxurious hotel. Polonsky purchased the lavish five-star Sungate Port Royal Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, for $340 million. Still, it is being reported that he may be willing to sell for a bargain price, possibly as low as half that number. So for all those who have managed to save a few billion, this hotel would definitely be a great buy for you. The hard-hit Russian has been so badly affected that he has also been quoted as saying that he will be selling his yacht and a mansion along the Cote d’Azur to put money into Mirax, his real estate development company.

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Wonder how many people are up for this amazing bargain!

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