Sleep on recycled bottle sheets at W Hotels made by EKOCYCLE, and Coke’s brainchild

W Hotels worldwide have announced a new initiative with musician and beverage company Coca Cola to introduce eco-friendly sheets from EKOCYCLE for their beds; we say eco-friendly because the sheets are made from a kind of polyester that makes use of recycled bottles! rPet is the polyester fiber that uses recycled plastic and for each king-sized sheet set approx. 268,000 plastic bottles will go into making it. The best part about the sheets is that they will still be as luxurious as what guests are used to but guests can also feel a satisfaction of being environmentally conscious every time they sleep on W Hotel bed. Despite being made of plastic, and that too a ton of it, the sheets are still soft and comfortable and no one will be able to tell the difference between the new and the old.

will-i-am-w-hotels W Hotels, known for their contemporary lavishness through their designer hotels and holistic experiences, are definitely on a go-green rampant, because the sheets are not the only things in the room that will be recycled. They’re also going to be using a multifaceted ‘Mobile Charger and Accessory Valet’ (MCAV) which is a mobile charger cum alarm clock cum trinket holder, made out of three recycled plastic bottles and is designed and developed by Miniwiz, an emerging engineering firm from Taipei. The W Hotels group is targeting one of their global properties at a time to bring about the revolutionary recycled changes, starting with North America.

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EKOCYCLE is the company owned by rapper along with Coco Cola and their tagline is ‘waste is only waste if we waste it’. The two partnered up after a Black Eyed Peas concert where the artist was lead to turn all the plastic junk left behind into usable objects and now their main objective is work alongside other big brands and help consumers realize the importance of recycling and that some sort of luxury could also come out of recycled trash. The EKOCYCLE and W Hotels partnership hopes to increase global sustainability, and soon the sheets and nightstand accessory will be available for purchase from the W Hotels store, starting at $207 for the sheets and $75 for the plastic MCAV.

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