Sleep under the open skies in this eco-masterpiece of a resort right outside Bangkok

We love how everyone is going green! Thanks to few notable ones, the concept has evolved into a stylish trend rather than a mandate. Only yesterday we talked about an England-based underground home, a stride towards a sustainable future; now a few miles from downtown Bangkok, we’ve sighted an eco-friendly resort.

Bangkok Tree House 2
The Bangkok Tree House, an ecological resort, was conceptualized by 36 year old Jirayu Tulyanond. An interesting thought behind the project we’d say, Tulyanond’s aim was to decipher how one can design a comfortable retreat without compromising on environmental factors.
Bangkok Tree House 3
Perched on the banks of Chao Phraya River, the 12 room boutique hotel is highly recommended for adults, since the resort entails various staircases and semi-levels which could be inconvenient for toddlers and senior citizens.
Bangkok Tree House 4
We love how the hotel is so environmental friendly! You can only access the resort by foot, bike or boat. Indeed, the hotel offers special discounts to those arriving on bikes, along with the use of a bike repair workshop.
Bangkok Tree House 5
Crafted with elements of nature, the nests are made of bamboo, glass and steel. Find your way to rooms and public spaces using wooden walkways and staircases. While floors, walls and ceilings are made of reclaimed wood and local bamboo, old juice cartons provide insulation.
Bangkok Tree House 6
While kitchens compost its food waste, renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind energy power LED lights and cookers. You can only find air conditioning in the bedrooms.
Bangkok Tree House 7
Fittingly so, all rooms are named after bugs so don’t be grossed out if your led to your “ladybug”. And of course, the room is decorated accordingly.
Bangkok Tree House 8
We also hear that for every guest that stays there, the Bangkok Tree House endeavours to clean the Chao Phraya River of a kilo of trash. Great going, we’d say!

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