Southern Ocean Lodge at Hanson Bay will steal your heart

Want to go to someplace exotic for spending your days in absolute opulence? Then you’ve got to start eyeing the Southern Ocean Lodge at Hanson Bay on Kangaroo Island in Australia. If you ask me to substantiate my statement, I very well have all the reasons to convince you. This restaurant fulfills all the conditions to top the charts of your “pick of the top restaurant contest.” The resort will be a model for sustainable tourism with fashionable and modern ambiance and most of all, it supplies local food and beverages if you feel like experimenting with coastal cuisines. It also has a wellness spa to relax your tired and exhausted body. The suites are created using local Limestone, recycled timber, and glass. It may also surprise you to know that the lodge has only 21 suites. This perfectly abides by the “demand-supply” law (of course, only if you have learned it in school) in economics. The suites have sunken lounges, large sleeping areas (so that you don’t have to knock your spouse down the bed), glass-walled bathrooms, and outdoor terraces with seating and daybeds. The Osprey Pavilion, which has a curved floor plan with 180° views of the ocean, beach, and wilderness, an open fire area, a private plunge-spa, a sculptured bath, and a double shower, is claimed to be the most luxurious suite out of all the available ones. The resort will have a restaurant with a walk-in-wine cellar and also a full spa.

Southern Ocean Lodge is supposed to be inaugurated somewhere in March 2008. Well, I can’t wait to go on a cruise!

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