Spa of the week: Palace Wellness at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St Moritz

Hidden in between the natural beauty of the Engadin Alps, a haven of luxury and wellness is the Palace Wellness at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz. The retreat, which underwent massive refurbishment in recent years, takes inspiration from its natural surroundings and the same is used in its various holistic treatments. With a focus on all around wellness, the Palace Wellness offer not only luxurious therapeutic treatments in its 10 individually appointed treatment rooms and two Spa suites but also houses a modern Fitness Centre, a Palace Spa/Wet Zone with its steam, sauna and ice rooms, indoor pool and heated outdoor pool, a multi-functional outdoor sports area and tennis courts which turns into a natural ice rink during the winter season. Even kids get a fair share of pampering at the Kids’ Club Palazzino. A holistic, 20-minute kids massage (Age 6 – 12) using herbal organic oil to give an improved sense of well being and a therapeutic awareness is available for the young guests.

Recommended for Men – Engadin Stone Massage
Nothing like hot stones with a high mineral content to stimulate your energy centers! The Engadin Stone Massage uses stones collected from the waterfalls and streams of the Engadin Alps, heated and then used to glide over the meridians of the body to open the channels and distribute energy resulting in a relaxing and comforting massage. The 80 minutes massage costs CHF 240 ($256).

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Recommended for Women – The Herbal Poultice Massage
For a complete rejuvenating, herbal experience, we recommend the Herbal Poultice Massage using medicated oils and warm herbal poultices packed with special Ayurvedic herbs. The rhythmic movement of the heated poultices over the body instantly helps relax muscles while the herbs support proper function of the nervous system, enhances intelligence and concentration whilst promoting healthy skin. The 80 minute massage is priced CHF 260.00 ($277).

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If you are in the mood to splurge – The Rebalancing Massage Therapy
Badrutt’s Signature Treatment, the Rebalancing Massage Therapy best identifies the Palace Wellness philosophy of lifting your spirits. The treatment is received on a heated waterbed installed with Chakra lights and a built-in music system in a specially designed room named Paradisea.
The Rebalancing Massage aims to stimulate the senses and restore one’s balance following the Ayurvedic system of health and well being. Suitable for all body types, this therapy is most popular with clients suffering from Jet-lag or sleep disorders. The treatment commences with a consultation to determine the guest’s body constitution and what is out of balance. Specific organic herbal oils according the client’s requirements are then used in an individualized massage which works on reducing what is in excess and stimulates the weaker energy centers of the body using Chakra lights. It is completed with an organic Ayurvedic Tea specific to the therapy. The 80 minute treatment is priced CHF 260.00 ($277).

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Address: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel
Via Serlas 27,
St. Moritz, Switzerland