Spectacular and stunning hotel lobbies of the world

royal-livingstone-zambiaRoyal Livingstone – Zambia
Is this a lobby or is it a viewing platform? This one is by far one of its kind. Instead of checking in as normal, visitors are taken to the property by water taxi and are checked in at the hotel’s jetty where they are treated to a hand massage and a welcome drink. With wild life grazing around, this open lobby is a welcome change with a view of the Zambian grasslands all around.

hilton-london-heathrow-airport-terminal-5-lobbyHilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 – London
The vast ceiling displays lights on which it is possible to stream video footage and the sprawling lobby houses the only Musetti coffee shop outside Italy. This spacious and aesthetically done up lobby sees a lot of hustle and bustle due to its proximity to the airport.

hotel-icon-kowloonHotel Icon – Hongkong
This is definitely one of its kind with Asia’s largest vertical garden in the lobby. This garden measure about 18 metres in height and covers 230 square metres. Made up of numerous native plants, this green patch is a welcome change for sore eyes from the concrete jungle outside.

hyatt-regency-san-franciscoHyatt Regency – San Fransisco
By far one of the largest and most dramatic lobbies in the world. At 42,000 sq ft and 17 storeys high one can imagine how open and vast this lobby might feel. With stunning sculptures and eye catching seating this is one lobby you must see.