Spectacular and stunning hotel lobbies of the world

gla-bobadilla-granada-lobbyBarcelo Le Bobadilla – Granada
The open and airy with sunshine streaming in, this is an unusual concept for a lobby. With the fresh flower arrangements and trees all around this immediately puts you in a bright cheerful mood. The white columns, brick walls, eye-catching and vibrant fabrics for the upholstery and cushions gives it quite a rustic charm. Its difficult not to feel good when you step in here.

raffles-singapore-lobbyRaffles Hotel – Singapore
The classic and imposing lobby of the 125 year old hotel is charming and sophisticated with a huge flower arrangement taking center stage. In muted colors of whites, creams and beige this lobby will never go out of style.

burj-al-arab-lobbyThe Burj Al Arab – Dubai
This sail shaped hotel off the coast of Dubai has one impressive lobby. A step into its foyer and one feels transported into wonderland. The colors, the glamour, the shimmer and glimmer, the opulence, the luxury, the intricacies make you look around in wonder. The lobby is housed in the soaring atrium and it is an understatement to say it is lavishly done up.

phulay-bay-thailand-lobbyPhulay Bay – Ritz Carlton Reserve – Krabi – Thailand
Known to be one of the most romantic reception areas, this is located in a Thai pavilion situated on an island that is surrounded by thousands of flickering candles. The reflection of the candles in the water create an ethereal and surreal effect. With a welcome area like this one can only imagine what the hotel has to offer.