St Moritz will host the worlds highest EDM festival

Ask any youngster who thrives on music these days and he/she will tell you just how wonderful a live electronic dance music concert can be. With lights, dance music and happiness packed into brilliantly setup venues, EDM concerts are more often than not, experiences to remember. The St. Moritz Music Summit has pushed up things a few notches higher this year, with a five day long international EDM extravaganza. Hosted against a backdrop of the Alps, the St. Moritz Music Summit is slated to be the world’s highest EDM festival! Some of the world’s best DJs will play to a large audience, 2,500 meters above sea level. The festival begins on the 16th of March and ends on the 20th of March, 2016.

Over 30 top DJs are expected to perform live at the St. Moritz Music Summit. The lineup includes the Ministry of Sound, the legendary Dr. Alban, Sheldon & Tim Cullen, John Jacobsen and TAAO KROSS, among others. The stages will be set up at the skiing area, the village square as well as in neighboring clubs. The St. Moritz Music Summit is expected to turn the entire community into one large party on the top of the world. This does seem to be the perfect excursion this March!
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