Staying at a Hilton? Use their app to book an Uber and more

To create a seamless experience for Hilton loyalists, the premium hotel chain has partnered up with taxi-service provider Uber. This collaboration reflects the increasing trend in revolutionising the way people connect with cities. With the integration of Uber into the Hhonours app, guests are assured an effortless and convenient travelling experience.

Hilton ride with Uber 2
We must tell you – Hilton’s quintessential app innovations are quite exciting! While Uber is a new entrant, the Hilton app includes an overall booking experience of reserving, checking in and hand-picking your room. ‘Ride Reminders’ is one of the most striking features of Uber’s presence on the app, where guests receive automated notifications to request Uber rides to and fro the hotel. What we love is the ‘Local Scene’ feature – a digital guide covering 20 cities in the U.S! Of course, now Hilton can tap into Uber’s local rider data.

This is the second hospitality partnership for Uber; Hyatt was the first hotel Uber signed up with.

[Via – Techcrunch]

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