Sweden boasts of world’s first Treehotel with its own sauna

Luxury lovers who wish to get as close to nature as possible without compromising on luxury, here is the most apt destination for you. A project of tree-houses designed as world-class hotel rooms is all set to open in Sweden on July 17 for nature lovers. Christened the Treehotel and located in a place called Harads, it aims to turn a tree house into a luxurious destination for travelers. The hotel boasts of six rooms or tree houses, each designed uniquely. Each of the rooms is designed as a cube and stands tall on a single tree. The walls are made of mirrored glass. Open all year round, the rooms will feature an electric floor heating system which will be delivered from an eco-friendly source of electricity. Additionally, the Treehotel will also have a sauna and a conference/breakfast room. The hotel will become the first tree hotel with a sauna in the world.

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The rooms can be accessed via a sturdy staircase or a ramp.What is more, the hotel will also boast of a briefing room with disabled access and facilities. Out of the six rooms, four will have 2 beds and the remaining 2 will have 4 beds making them ideal for a family. Furthermore, every tree house will be equipped with its own state of the art eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin. Eco-luxury up in the greens!


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