Sweden’s iconic ICEHOTEL will now be open round the year with the help of solar power

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden to enjoy a cooling stay at the country’s legendary ICEHOTEL, which runs through the cold days but perishes as the spring sets in. While a stay at this hotel in the hot summer days would feel like bliss, it looked improbable until its recent re-invention. With a little help of the sun, travelers’ beloved ICEHOTEL will now be able to keep its doors open all round the year!

Sans the new upgrade, each year the hotel witnessed a cumbersome process of melting away only to be rebuilt again. With 26 years of this exhausting re-building and collapsing cycle, it was time technology rescued the ICEHOTEL too. Its sustainability during the non-winter months is now possible via a rooftop solar panel addition which is provided by it’s by partner- Solkompaniet. The functionality taps solar power on a continuous basis via its photovoltaic panels that eventually sustain the all ice structure. While a major part of the hotel has received its extended lease (thanks to the sun), the collection of 20 suites, the hotel’s famed ice bar, and its gallery will be up and running only during the regular winter months.
As supply is always backed by demand, it was the constant touristy aspirations for A ICEHOTEL stay during spring that spurred this development. Once complete, the hotel will also become the largest permanent art exhibit in the north of Stockholm. Visitors can now enjoy their spring activities like dogsledding, the northern lights or a boat trip on the river beneath the midnight sun, all while they stay at the ICEHOTEL. If you love the hot and cold alike and wish to combine both, you now know where to head!

[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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