Take a look at this vintage double decker bus which is now a luxury hotel in London

This vintage double-decker bus which was probably on its way of being scrapped out in a London garage was recently revived into a beautiful luxury B&B! Husband and wife duo, Susan and Philip Mosier (aged 53 and 54 respectively) bought this antiquated Routemaster bus for as little as £5,000 and turned it into a luxe bed and breakfast suite. Refurbishing it for a £100,000, the couple hired an interior designer to turn the vehicle into an ultra-luxurious living space, complete with a private garden and hot tub.

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Along with its ravishing exteriors, the insides of the bus are a stunner, with the lower deck reformed into a swanky bathroom space with a roll-top bath and a flat-screen TV.
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While the lower deck gives you a unique restroom experience, you can enter slumber mode in the upper deck which welcomes you with striking red velvet interiors and a comfy bed along with fluffy dressing gowns and Egyptian cotton sheets for your stay.
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With the comforting bedding promising you a surreal sleep, the upper deck also invites you to a dining area where the guests are treated to canapes and prosecco on arrival. Guests can also order in-room services, afternoon tea and breakfast in bed as well as their favorite champagne on special request.
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While the majority of the décor is refurbished with modern-day amenities like a TV and Wi-Fi, it retains a few of its old-school features like seats and signboards, the quintessential steering wheel, original windows, and its distinctive bell.

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The couple stumbled upon the idea when they saw a similar bus being used as an office room. Picking on their daughter’s notion, they bought this vintage bus from Equestrian Centre in Northumberland who was using it as a sitting area and transformed it into this luxury breakfast suite, named the ‘Trafalgar Square’.

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The bus which was previously used on the World Cup celebration route in 1966 is now stationed on the grounds of the country hotel, South Causey Inn, near Beamish in Country Durham and is already being received phenomenally by city residents who often use it to host weddings and parties.

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Fit for two adults, the unique experience of staying here will cost you £220 per night through the week and £250 a night on a Friday and Saturday. With added features like a black entrance door similar to the one spotted at No.10 Downing Street, this vintage bus is quite a quirk-ball. If you crave an offbeat B&B on your next visit to London, you now know where to stop by!

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