Take a look inside the icy cold world of the world’s first 365 day Ice Hotel

Sweden’s Icehotel 365 is a cool (take that as literally as you want) new twist on a frosty winter wonderland. Located in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland just 200 km north of the Arctic Circle the 2,100 square meter property features 20 suites, an ice bar that serves champagne and drinks, as well as an ice gallery – all created out of snow and ice by select artists from around the globe. 30,000 liters of water from Torne River was transformed into snow and several tonnes of ice have been harvested from the river to create both parts of Icehotel.

One of the hotel’s suites is this deluxe suite 365 – the Victorian apartment.
More frosty décor is seen in the deluxe suite 365 – once upon a time. New solar panels allow the hotel to harvest energy in the summer which helps cool the inside so that the ice hotel remains cold even through the warmer months.
This Art suite is complete with a deer sculpted from ice. But if you’re not one to stick around in your suite you can explore the ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar.
Another beautifully decorated deluxe suite 365 – don’t get lost. You won’t be faulted for imagining that you’re in a Disney movie, these rooms are truly fantastical.
The design elements are pretty inspiring if you ask us!
The main hall even features this impressive chandelier!
In the winter, the hotel will be predictably covered with a blanket of white.
However, summer brings plenty of greenery and water views.

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You might be surprised to learn that despite all the cave-like ice rooms pictured here, the hotel also offers a few “warm” rooms but we definitely think if you end up making the trip, it’s worthwhile booking a once-in-a-lifetime stay in a room totally made of ice!

The hotel’s Icebar is also worth a visit and it’s an awesome way to experience the magic without committing to a full stay.

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Learn more about the Ice Hotel and book your winter wonderland experience here:

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