The most luxurious capsule hotel is set to open in Akihabara, Tokyo

Luxury is certainly not what comes to mind when someone mentions capsule hotels. Instead the words conjure up images of cramped spaces and discomfort that nobody would put themselves through if they had a choice. But an upcoming hotel in Tokyo’s Akihabara district might just change the way people think of capsule hotels. The Anshin Oyado capsule hotel is promising their guests amenities similar to those available at regular hotels.

Akihabara hotel (1)
Your room will still be a narrow cubbyhole, but classed up with cool add-ons including comfortable Simmons-brand bedding, a tablet for games and entertainment and a 17-inch monitor. The hotel will also offer “theater rooms” which will feature 40 inch monitors and guests choosing these rooms can borrow VR headsets.
Akihabara hotel (3)
The hotel will also provide a free breakfast of all you can eat chicken curry.
Akihabara hotel (4)
Self-serve vending machines located in the hotel give out free soft drinks. The hotel’s bar will offer sake and microbrew beers to discerning guests.
Akihabara hotel (5)
The hotel sells shirts, underwear, and socks as an added convenience. Though we hear that convenience stores in Japan often feature these items. You can wash your own clothes at the hotel’s laundromat.
Akihabara hotel (1)
If you’re stressed out, the hotel’s basement includes a hot spring-style man-made mineral bath.
The hotel will open on July 27, with rates starting at 4,180 yen a night (around $40 at current exchange).

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Unfortunately, the Anshin Oyado hotel serves only male guests, the rest of us had better start praying for a similarly upscale capsule hotel service.

[ Via : Rocketnews24 ]